Jenny Semahimbo

Torrox Pueblo, Spain

Download Jenny's full statement (PDF)

I’ve worked in the public/voluntary sector with deprived, left-behind and immigrant communities, developing community/volunteer activism — useful skills and knowledge to help build a migrants’ rights campaign to protect UK and EU immigrants against increasing xenophobia and anti-immigrant racism in Europe and beyond.

Labour International should promote an alternative message to Tory isolationism and the scapegoating of immigrants, supporting the Labour Party in addressing the real issues causing inequality and poverty: privatisation and cuts in public services, low pay in poorly regulated labour markets, and the neglect of left behind communities.

As part of the Momentum International Grass Roots slate I’ll work to make LI:

  • outward looking, with LICC as a focal information point for members, and a link to the wider movement.
  • support members to build local LI groups, strengthen links with in-country socialist groups, campaigns and organisations, build tools to inform and support members in becoming more active in their communities.