Jonathan Clyne

Stockholm, Sweden

Download Jonathan's full statement (PDF)

I re-joined the Labour Party to support Jeremy Corbyn. After 30 active years in the Swedish Social Democratic Party I have seen how a strong party has been decimated by a right-wing leadership.

Corbyn’s 10 pledges can inspire other Labour parties to break the declining international trend. Our CLP could play a unique role assisting this and gathering support for the Labour Party outside of the UK.

The Labour Party needs democratisation, transparency, and a discussion beyond anti-austerity and Brexit about a coherent and practical alternative to capitalism.

My personal background is that I worked as a chef for 10 years including having my own restaurant, I wrote for and edited a socialist magazine for 20 years, and am presently doing a PhD in Economics. I wish to make a contribution to LICC in whatever capacity a newly elected leadership wants.