Rowan Shaw

Heidelberg, Germany

Download Rowan's full statement (PDF)

With several thousand members worldwide, Labour International unites a wealth of talent and experience. An active, campaigning LI can bring these members together to fight for a juster society and, in particular, for migrant rights (both in the UK and worldwide).

If I’m elected, I’d like to work as an enabler: helping to create an infrastructure that lets members connect, set up groups, run campaigns, and share information and experience. I want it to be easier for members to volunteer time and skills. Debate is important, but — particularly now — we need the tools and organisation to be able to work effectively for change.

I’ve worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years on transnational projects. I know from experience that you can run complex projects efficiently across country borders. I’ve been a Labour member since the last election.